Hygiene and Animal health product manufacturer
Production Means
  • Rooms for powdered formulations :
  • Inox mixer for complementary feed supplements in powder form Trademark of this equipment:NAUTAMIX(Company HOSOKAWA - China). This kind of equipment guarantees an uniform mixure of 50g in 100 kg of raw matérials
    Sachets machine for complementary feed supplements in powder form. Trademark of this equipment :OMAG(Company>OMAG - Italy. Size : Sachets from 50 to 300 cm3 Rate :within 1500 and 2000 sachets / hour
  • Rooms for liquids and gels :
  • - 5 tanks : global simultaneous production capacity superior to 10000 litres (inox tanks for vitamins mixtures - plastic tanks for corrosive formulations with chlorides and/or acids)

    - 3 filling tables coupled with automatical induction and labelling machines