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Protocols for BOVINES :
- Improve your performances by reducing leucocytes rate : Download
- Germinated barley, an innovative method for calving preparation : Download
- Secure metabolism and health of your herd thanks to Excellium protocol : Download
NEW : Better managing viral passages of bovines with Tonifarm Ruminant DI : Download

Protocols for POULTRY :
- Reduce MS incidence thanks to the positive synergy of Tonifarm P and Tonifarm CC : Download
- Reduce O.RT. consequences on turkeys with Tonifarm Turkey 42 and Tonifarm SV : Download
- Special BIO Breedings : Focus on Agrobioeurope : Download
- Improve your performances in broilers breedings with the protocol Tonifarm CC+ Tonifarm SV Download
Protocols for PIGS :
- Improve your perfomances in post weaning and fattening periods reducing antibiotics use : Download
- Secure the intestinal flora of your pigs herd thanks to lactic bacteria and phytotherapy : Download