Hygiene and Animal health product manufacturer

About us

ALPHATECH is specialized in the production (no subcontracting) of complementary feed supplements and hygiene products for breeders.

Our company has been created in 2000 and is independent. We are located in Brittany and our team has more than 15 years of experience in animal nutrition.
ALPHATECH relocated in April 2014. Our premises are now in Plaintel where 4200 m² are dedicated to the production and 225 m² to the offices.
The 1 500 m² of our factory based in Lanrodec is now totally dedicated to litter conditionners production.

The heart of our activity is to develop innovative solutions at the best possible quality-price ratio. That is the reason why we have no commercial representatives on the market. We'd rather set up our development on existing distribution networks.

Our know-how is acknowledged overseas. We export our products in 50 countries and more than 65% of our annual turnover is realized directly or indirectly at export.