Hygiene and Animal health product manufacturer

GMP certification becomes FCA 

There are several possible international standards to guarantee quality productions in animal nutrition. Among them, we have chosen GMP certification from OVOCOM organization, for wich we are certified since 2007, because we estimate this very binding international standard fits the best with our activity.

Ovocom had recently decided to move forward with GMP rules, under a different name and logo: Feed Chain Alliance (FCA). The Feed Chain Alliance standard further its position to be even more competitive at international level, combining quality and food safety for animals: Together for safety and qualityy. 

More information on the web site : www.ovocom.be

New certification since the 24th August 2015: AEO Certification.

A year on we set up in our new premises at Plaintel, and we decided to apply for AEO status (Authorised Economic Operator) to our Customs authorities, in order to simplify and secure our international business exchanges. 
It has been an important structuring step for our company which is, actually, constantly evolving

This certification including the following sections: « customs simplifications » and « security/safety », now provides us lots of benefits on customs procedures (lower risk to have customs physical controls and documentary checks) or customs controls (ie : prior treatment of shipment in case of control, previous notification in case of control…). Our exchanges are thus, easier with countries getting international agreements which recognized the AEO status.

For ALPHATECH, this Authorised Economic Operator status is a way to establish a relationship based on trust with customs administration, which becomes a real partner for us.